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Winter Bucket List Check-In

Happy day, reader dear!

OMGoodness! It’s officially the second half of February, which means we are only about a month out from spring… And I realized I never did a Winter Bucket List Check-In. Arrrgh. I really should have put it on my calendar for the beginning of February. That way you’d have had a Beginning, Middle, and End. A monthly check-in seems too much, and waiting until the end, too little. Do let me know which you prefer!

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The Van Gogh exhibit was fabulous! We went after Christmas while hubby and I were still on holiday, and spent a lovely (if rainy) day in Columbia. We pottered about downtown, had ice cream at the delicious Sweet Cream, and then changed shoes and threw on jackets for dinner at Ristorante Divino. Mmmm! So far it’s my favorite Italian restaurant in the area. Their calamari is the best we’ve had since we lived in Greece.

After New Year’s we ran off for two nights to Asheville to see the Biltmore Christmas decorations and soak up a little relaxation. While in town, we hit two more historic homes/house museums. What a fabulous combination of art and history! The first was the The Thomas Wolfe House. We were the only two there, and a private tour is always fun! Make sure you spend some time in the Interpretive Center filled with artifacts from the time Wolfe spent living elsewhere. The second was the Smith-McDowell House Museum. Don’t be confused by the location. It is on the grounds of the technical school; don’t hold that against the house!


  • Whole 30? Not yet…
  • Try a new recipe each week. Maybe?
  • Processed foods ban at home. (Xmas day exception…) How does wine fit in here? For the most part!

Still haven’t jumped back on the Whole 30 bandwagon, but the processed foods ban is going pretty well for me. I bought a mandolin for cutting sweet potatoes for “crackers.” I even took a leap and made my own whole wheat bread last week! It will need some tweaking, but the flavor was great, AND it makes the most AMAZING toast! Here’s the recipe…

Full Disclosure: I forgot about the new recipe list item, but I am pretty good about trying new recipes, so a new one each week isn’t much of a stretch. I created a new recipe with chicken, GF orzo (Clearly a processed food. I did not make orzo from scratch!), tomatoes and olives that went over very well Sunday afternoon at famdin (shorthand for family dinner). All three wee ones ate and two had seconds, so it turned out to be a kid friendly meal. Love it when I find those! (Especially when it still appeals to the adults.)


  • Take spring items to consign after 1st of year. Done!
  • Explore two boutiques a month. So far, so good.
  • Buy pre-loved when possible. (Not underwear. Can’t go there. #sorrynotsorry) Hmmmm.

Spring items are at the consignment shop. Thank you, Encore! We did some exploring in Columbia and Asheville, so getting in my boutiques in December and January was easy. February may be more of a challenge.

Buying pre-loved has been spotty. I bought a dress on Poshmark and a pair of shoes from Ebay, both of which were returned. The shoes because of color and fit, and the dress for quality. There was a large stain on the back (and some wear) that was not listed in the description. The stain may have been removable, but I didn’t have the time or inclination to do a speed drycleaner run that week. The return window is short, so back it went.

How do you define pre-loved? Does buying someone’s unwanted NWT item on Ebay count? Or does only pre-owned and worn count? There are a lot more nuances to this buying “secondhand” than I imagined when I blithely made that resolution. Onward and upward! Mr. CP and I have a gala in March; I am in love with this dress at “my” consignment store… I feel very princess-y, but am not sold yet. (Although it may already be!) What are the odds that I’d find a dress the proper length?

No, I wouldn’t be wearing my houndtooth pumps with this…
BUT, at least I’m not in sweatsocks and tennis shoes!

I’m doing better now that my Bucket List is more list-y and less resolution laden. I need to sit down to research and schedule the last few items so that they don’t fall by the wayside. So far this is feeling less train wreck and more success than my previous attempts!

Did you make a Winter (Or Summer if that’s your hemisphere) Bucket List? If so, how is it going? If not, why not? And what IS your definition of pre-loved? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, and please share what you’ve been up to since the start of the season… I do so love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,


  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    Glad to read your winter bucket list update. Mine goes live on Friday. You are making good progress on your activities. I have never seen the center Van Gogh. It is quite lovely and a bit different from some of his other work.

    I like the gray dress very much. Are you going back for it? Looks elegant and is a very flattering fit and color. When I know I am going to try on dresses, I’ve started packing heels and hose in a bag to take into the dressing room with me. Otherwise I would more likely be in tennis shoes and low cut socks, too.

    Your meals look so healthy and tasty and attractive. Good job on the bread and sweet potato crackers. I am back on Weight Watchers and trying to leave the carbs off my plate. But they are soooo good!

    • closetplayadmin

      What a treat to “see you,” Leslie! I loved the flower bed painting, too; even if it is less vibrant than most of the works we associate with Van Gogh. I missed out on the grey dress; someone scooped it up the next day, but if she returns it for resale, the owner will let me know. (I’m doubting it!) At the price, I just couldn’t jump. I love the colors and flavors of all those healthy foods, but not the prep time. Sometimes, I wish I could eat like I did when I was younger… Sigh. I can’t wait to see your list on Friday!

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