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2018-2019 Winter Capsule

Happy day, dear reader!

I know this post is a bit late… If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve been getting a sneak peek of my winter capsule already! In the fall, I talked through how I go about pulling together my seasonal capsule. This time was no different. Inspiration board, clothes on the bed,  and some playing around to make sure the pieces would work well together. With the holiday season, I wanted to make sure I had some extra color and cozy in this capsule, so there are more reds and pinks than usual, and extra patterned or textured pieces.

Here is my winter inspiration board. There’s a LOT of carryover from my fall board, and that’s a good thing! It means I am in a wardrobe happy place. I’m craving those blushes and reds, but also crispy winter landscape colors: greys, whites, and blues. (Since we don’t get much cold weather here, I need to create it in my imagination!)

1. What Kind of Look Do I Want? (Imagine)

Fall felt all over the place color-wise (I wrote about it in my Fall Capsule Debrief.), so I left the teal out for winter. I shouldn’t have added any more colors, but I included the navy swatch (not really a color) to reflect the scope of blues in my mind. I love the look of the grey blazer and jeans, but tightened up a bit, and not so slouchy. I’m thinking cozy and luxurious with some crisp around the edges. (That sounds like a warm cookie from the oven!) The blues, greys, and whites of a frosty landscape, warmed with red wines, and some of that blush that I just can’t get enough of. Wools and cashmeres for the days that are cold enough. Laces and silks for the warmer ones that we usually have lots of here in Georgia!

2. What Do I Have? (Assess)

Shopping My Closet/Storage Box:

These colors already predominate in my closet. As you can see, I have plenty of options in these palette colors. I have all the basics, jeans, the dress, lots of pieces similar to the ones above. But many of those are in lighter weights, that may not work for winter. My sweaters and winter shoes are mostly dark and solid, and the images above paint a much lighter look.

3. What Do I Need? (Evaluate)

What do I need?

To get the lighter but still cozy look I am craving, I will need a few lighter colored sweaters, and some lighter colored shoes would be lovely.  My blush sandals would be a bit chilly! Since I am so fond of a column of color, another light bottom to blend with the blushes would rock, but I’m not placing any bets on finding one! Light sweaters, shoes, and trousers would carry nicely into spring. (I don’t like to buy many one season wonders.) I also want to make sure I have a couple of shiny/sparkly pieces for holiday festive, and special events. Not only do we celebrate Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day during this next three months, we also blast right into a series of family birthdays that end on St. Patrick’s Day. My red skirt and jeans, and navy jumpsuit and brocade jacket will be my blast of festive/dressy, along with some lacy or silky tops.

How much do I need?

Less than I think! Even with the weather… I am sleeveless one day, and in wool the next. Sometimes both in the same day! Layering is the only way to go, but these layers are reflected in the number of pieces in my closet. I don’t count undergarments, so if it was just cold and needing underlayers that never saw public wear, it would be fewer. I counted the “same” top in two different weights as one, i.e. my blue cotton and wool. So my total at this point is 35 pieces. This doesn’t include outerwear, shoes, or accessories, so it is certainly not minimal by any stretch of the imagination!

Have a quick peek at the pieces I’ve chosen!

Looking at this again (in particular: my ratio of tops to bottoms), I have at least two tops per bottom; that’s a good thing! I doubt the black and white dot pencil skirt will get much wear. I could do without it. And the denim dress? Well, I’m imagining it over something cozy, kind of like a tunic. Today, it feels like I need to add a warm and toasty turtleneck sweater, but that probably won’t last! And that’s just fine… I can make substitutions and remove as needed; this is an exercise in simplicity, not suffering. 

4. What Will I Buy? (Eliminate Options)

A blush bag is still on the list. I wonder why I keep resisting. It may be a lifelong aversion to pastels. I’m in recovery, and been working on getting past that;  I have quite a few lighter colored tops, so I should be able to make the leap. I’m glad I didn’t buy earlier, because the one I had my eye on before was enormous! I compared its measurements with those of a large tote that needs replacing, and it was even bigger! On the board I love the look of the white sweater with white jeans, but struggle with keeping clean. If I can find an inexpensive pullover I like enough to experiment with, I will try it and see if I’ve grown up enough for a white sweater!

5. Shopping  (Refresh)

I picked up a leopard cardigan last month at my favorite consignment shop in Florida. It’s slouchy, cozy and luxe, so right in tune with this board. I snapped up a pair of rose gold granny shoes (from the same brand as my constantly worn chambray colored patents) that I hope will be as ridiculously practical as their patent sisters. I tried that jacquard jacket from Chico’s in two different sized, but in both it is huge through the waist. I’m taking my own advice on this one… Even if I really do love the fabric! “If I’m not willing to pay to have it altered, I don’t love it enough to buy it.” The fact that it’s on sale doesn’t change that!

So how about you? Are you already into your winter (or summer for my southern hemisphere friends) wardrobe? Does it look and make you feel the way you want it to? Let me know in the comments below… I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,

Thank you to Nancy at Nancy’s Fashion Style for starting my weekend with a Link-Up party!


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