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Winter Capsule Faves

And Winter Capsule 19/20 Debrief

Happy day, reader dear!

Oops! Sometimes things get all out of order. Usually I try do a past season’s capsule debrief and outfit favorites right alongside the new season’s capsule inspo or choices post. That makes sense, because the favorites, wins, surprises and lessons should carry into the next capsule. Right? Well, this season has been less about following established routines, and more about going with the flow. Not only in sartorial matters, but in every day life, too. Which can be a challenge when you run a business!

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In case you missed it, this was my Winter Capsule Inspo Board:


(1) I was worried I would get tired of the red by January, but that turned out NOT to be the case! I was more than happy to wear it all the way through.

(2) Another win? I was so happy to NOT be doing any challenges after the festival that was fall. I think the holidays, a website facelift, and my international certification exam were enough challenges! (Yes, I did pass. Phew. Glad that part is done. Now onto the portfolio…)

(3) Red shoes make my heart sing. Red shoes. Red booties. Red flats. It doesn’t matter. I simply LOVE red shoes!

This was a really relaxed no-makeup day…
The hat was my dad’s. It makes me feel loved!


(1) Somehow I managed to carry the Color Drenched theme from fall into winter in spite of myself. My all time favorite outfit of the season was definitely colorful! Red, Teal, and Navy and White Stripes. It may have been a lot going on, but it worked!

And it turned out to be one of my Copycat Styles!

(2) I didn’t wear my brown Beauty Bundle at all. Absence makes the heart grow fonder… Time for a break to fall in love again.

(3) My grey turtleneck saw (basically) no wear. Not that it wasn’t chilly enough, just that it was too snug and made me feel extra self conscious about my love handles. So, I stored it away and broke out my grey blouse, which skims over my love handles AND has awesome sleeves, to boot.

(3) I didn’t wear my leopard cardigan once. Don’t know what that was about. I never grabbed for it. Wasn’t even tempted. Maybe my fix for color erased my want for the pattern? Gotta think more about this…

Lessons Learned

(1) Color will carry into spring. I’m wondering if this is a shift in my personal style. Style isn’t static. Our style grows and changes as we grow and change; it’s always exciting to see where that growth will take us! Summer will be the tell; I usually go for very light neutrals for a feeling of calm and cool during our hot humid summers. It’s weird, I know. Everyone else is breaking out their brights, and I go the other way… Typical.

Teal, Olive and Blush
Definitely not your typical color combination…

(2) January was a lean style month. All my favorite outfits were from December and February. That might be because I missed quite a few selfies. Which made this post a challenge. Lesson: Gotta be better about taking those selfies. Even on days when I don’t feel like it.

(3) Another lesson? I’m feeling maximal again about jewelry. (Which carried over into my Spring Capsule!) I really love the play of a ton of short pieces, or a long mixed with a short. There’s a post in the works about making these kind of combos… I was asked about how I choose by an Instafriend, and the answer is too long for a quick reply!

How about you? What have you learned from your sartorial adventures this past season? Anything to carry forward? I know I ask a LOT of questions, but it’s not about obsessing about your wardrobe. I think it’s more about being mindful in just one more are of my life. What style changes are you looking forward to for the next season? Do tell! I love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,

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