Winter Palette Decisions…

Sugar Plum Fairy or Homey Holiday Hygge?

Happy day, reader dear!

I pray you are having a peaceful November, location and lockdown conditions notwithstanding. My life here at Closet Play central really doesn’t change much. I blog. I work virtually with my clients. I meet virtually to network and make connections with other businessmen and women. I’ve been living mostly like a hermit since March, so any new conditions aren’t really affecting my daily routines… Yes, I know I am beyond fortunate to have grown children and to be working from home.

If you follow the blog regularly, you know that each season I plan a “new” capsule wardrobe. Now, I’m not going out and buying new clothes; I may add a piece or two, but my “new wardrobe” is generally a matter of shopping my closet and out-of-season-box. I build each capsule (somewhere around 30 pieces, depending on the season) to work for three months, but my seasons don’t mesh with the calendar seasons. I do what works for my climate and lifestyle. That said, planning for this coming Winter Capsule has proven more difficult than usual. Mostly because I’m having a color crisis… Yes, in the great scheme of things, this is not a REAL problem. Totally aware and able to laugh at myself!

If you look at my Pinterest boards, you’ll see various boards marked Fall (Year) Inspo, Winter (Year) Inspo, etc. I pin ideas and looks I might like to play with on these boards as I play around. Usually the looks, colors and vibe are pretty darned consistent. This year, however, I have a little color and vibe personality split. So I thought I’d share. (Because that’s what we do on this blog!)

Sugar Plum Fairy

Originally, the board was looking all like this:

Whites, Blues, Plums, Greens: A Sugar Plum Fairy, Ice Queen-y kind of vibe. Yes, I would add a side order of a small Red Beauty Bundle for some extra holiday love.

And then this happened:

Holiday Hygge

Whites, Denims, Browns, Reds, Greens: A more Holiday Hygge homey vibe.

Both feel right. Both can be pulled together with what I have in my boxes. And both will need the addition of a soft white cozy sweater. And both clearly have a connection to my Fall Capsule Wardrobe palette.

So what’s a girl to do? Yes, I could combine the two, but that would stress me out. I don’t need all that choice. It will sort itself out in the next week or so. In the meantime…

What about you?

Which capsule color combo would you choose? Either of the two above or something else completely different? (If you are warm complexioned, I hope so!) Which would you choose for me? (Yes, those are two different questions!) Are you planning anything special for your winter wardrobe? Are you already dressing for winter? (Or summer for my southern hemisphere friends?) If you’re thinking about your holiday decorating, you can be thinking about your holiday dressing!

Please share your thoughts with me! And stay tuned to see what I decide and if you were right! That post (those posts) will drop next week…

Stylishly yours,

PS: If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, and need some summer palette inspiration, here’s my Summer 2020 Capsule Wardrobe post to choose from.


    • Liz K

      You will see brownish burgundies (Not the wines, of course!) typed Maroon, Lise. Color naming is incredibly subjective! I look for everything from Dark Red to Garnet to Wine to Burgundy, Maroon, and Oxblood. I’m still up in the sir about the palette… Yesterday I was sure it would be Holiday Hygge, but on this morning’s walk, I was back to Sugar Plum Fairy. Something’s gotta give!


    I love your first color plans for your capsule wardrobe. The fact that you’ll add some red for the holidays just tops it off! I’m making clothing choices for the holidays that include velvet skirts and a velvet blazer. I own several velvet skirts in navy, chocolate brown and black. I’m cosidering purchasing a velvet blazer in black or perhaps chocolate brown. I’ve been trying not to purchase black anymore next to my face but this blazer is a real temptation. I could wear my black leather jacket instead for a totally different feel. My colors this season are blush and teal but I’m basically sticking with my neutrals in. navy, chocolate, black etc. I haven’t felt vey inspired this season. I need to go just play in my closet and be creative. I’ve been shopping a great deal this year. I’m aiming to slow down on my shopping after January. That will need prayer!

    • Liz K

      Thank you for your input, Natalie! I’m still struggling between Sugar Plum Fairy and Holiday Hygge… It better sort itself out this weekend or I’ll be naked on Tuesday! Brown and navy velvets are SO luxurious looking. I prefer them to black!

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