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Happy day, reader dear!

Without sounding too much like I’m climbing on my sartorial soapbox, I’m just a little tired of all the Whee!-I’m-working-from-home-in-my-jammies posts. I get it. It’s fun for the first day or week. It’s the novelty effect. But then what happens? If you find yourself spinning your wheels, fighting your children, and generally getting little done, it’s time to get dressed again. I’m not saying you need to put on a suit, but what should you wear at home?

So if jammies and yoga gear aren’t the best choice for these Work at Home/Stay at Home days, what should you wear? We understand White Tie, Black Tie, Traditional Business Dress, Smart Business, but what is Work at Home? Don’t worry! There’s no written dress code… Let’s talk guidelines!

(1) Wear an Outfit that Boosts Your Mood

What’s your favorite color? Your happy color? Let’s start there! Color affects how you feel, so wear colors that make you happy? Don’t simply default to a neutral that works with everything; this is the perfect time to spread your color wings! But it’s also important to choose clothing that makes you feel powerful and in control. Yes, I do want you to be comfortable, but I also want you to feel empowered. What outfits make you feel like you are ready to kick booty and take names? That’s a great place to start!

When I taught, I had a sign at my desk that said “You are the weather in your classroom.” Yup. I determine that weather with my mood, the message I telegraph with what I wear, and how I speak to those around me. If your children aren’t listening, ask yourself: Do I look and sound like the boss of me? Dressing nicely shows yourself and your family that you respect yourself. Jammies simply don’t say R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Or large-and-in-charge. Not gonna lie to you. The mindset for jammies and lounge wear is lounge. Also ask yourself: Are my children dressed in their “work” clothes? A child’s work is school; if they dress everyday to go to school, have them do the same to school at home. (Homeschooled for 8 years. All over the globe. Husband gone much of the time. I rocked that tee shirt. Day. After. Day.)

2. Wear an Outfit that Cheers Those Around You

Would you rather see your significant other groomed and dressed nicely, or unshowered wearing the clothes he/she wears for painting and grubby work? How about your children? Making an effort isn’t just for the outside world. It shows the others around us that we respect them. And ourselves.

(3) Wear Outfits that Suit Your Work

We need to get past the idea that the only clothes suitable for home are jammies and lounge wear. Women did farm work for centuries in skirts. No one thought wearing a dress all day long in the 1950’s was torture. You can be comfortable, cook, clean, care for children, and work at home in something more polished than yoga pants. (Gasp!) If you are worried about making a mess of your clothes, wear an apron, or if the weather is cool, throw on some sort of overshirt to protect your clothes. Artists wear smocks. Children at school wear aprons and smocks to protect their school clothes. You can, too!

Doctors wear coats, chefs and cooks wear coats and aprons, cobblers and woodworkers wear aprons, surgical staff wear aprons, barbecue competitors wear aprons. It’s your PPE for the kitchen, or yard, or wherever you happen to be doing something potentially messy!

So how has your situation changed in the past few weeks? Are you working from home now? How has that affected the way you are dressing? Do you use your clothing to reflect your mood? Or boost your mood? Do tell! I love to hear from you…

Stay safe, sound, sane, and stylish,

Purse? Yup. Had to go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for Mama.


  • Carol Karl

    Hi Liz,
    I totally agree. I work from all the time and I dress as though it’s casual Friday (wrote a post about it just last week). I just, in fact, cleaned my house, dressed in jeans, a nice blouse, denim jacket and jewellery. If I think I’ll get dirty I wear an apron (cooking seems to be my nemesis when it comes to staying clean!). I think it’s so important for your headspace to dress nicely and feel good. I would never consider working in my jammies or yoga gear – jammies are for sleeping and yoga gear is for just that.
    Thanks for the post.
    Stay safe.

    • closetplayadmin

      Thank you for visiting, Carol! You are SO right about headspace. I just don’t understand the allure of working in jammies. Off to check out your post, right now! I’m dying about only dressing the top half. YES! I had the misfortune of the view of a man’s boxers the other day when he leaned over to pick up something from the floor… The things you can’t unsee.

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