Work With Me–Brands

Dear Brand Representative,

Thank you for considering Closet Play Image!

I am happy to accept gifts from companies to test or review their products or to write clearly-labeled sponsored review posts on my blog for products or merchandise I will use. However, I do not participate in ambassadorships; they do not align with my (and my business’) values of Integrity and Good Stewardship.

If your company is interested in a sponsored post, you’ll find my rate sheet below! I look forward to hearing from you!

Feel Free To:

Reach out for a Sponsored Post.

Send gift products for Liz to sample and provide feedback.

Please Do NOT:

Ask us to advertise your merchandise for free. Service in exchange for merchandise is not compensation unless its value meets or exceeds the rate of a Sponsored Post.

Information for Brands

I limit Sponsored Posts to one per calendar quarter. Flooding my readers with commercial content compromises my integrity and cheapens your message.

All sponsored posts and images are clearly labeled as such.

Closet Play Image is happy to work with brands that align with our values of honesty, integrity and good stewardship.

For a Sponsored Post, I am happy to look at any marketing content you wish to provide and will use product images that align with my brand. However, I write my own posts; that is what my readers expect, not canned copy from a marketing department.

Any Sponsored Post I write for your company will be 500-1000 words long, be optimized for SEO and will be shared (One time each) on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, with images created specifically for those platforms.

Regarding exclusivity clauses, I will not agree to any exclusivity clauses more than 90 days. That said, I will not publish a Sponsored Post by a competitor unless one quarter has elapsed. What is a competitor? Let’s say I write a Sponsored Post for your handbag brand. That means I will not accept another Sponsored Post for handbags the following quarter. However, if a handbag company makes luggage and asks me to write about their luggage, there is no conflict. Your products are not in competition.

Information Card

2023 Rate Card