Yet 10 More Ways to Style Scarves!

Scarf Challenge Days 21-30

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Happy day, reader dearest!

I applaud your patience for having the fortitude to slog through yet another ten days of scarf styling.


Have you thought about a Spartan Challenge for a follow-up?

(Can you tell this experiment is wearing a bit thin?)

I shouldn’t bad-mouth this adventure. It’s really been quite educational! That’s the whole reason I embark on these Style Challenges. To learn something new about myself and others, and about style.

What’s my takeaway so far?

(1) I have picked up a few new scarf ties that I’d like to add to my regular circuit of tying tricks AND it’s made me more aware of options for my not-so-favorite scarf styles.

(2) I’m appreciating oblong scarves in a new way and think it’s time for me to add one or two to my collection. (Don’t worry, squares! You’re favored status is not at risk.)

(3) I’m more clearly connecting scarf tying styles (and scarf elements) to different refinement levels and personality styles, which is great for my style clients!

If you missed the first two installements, you can find styles 1-10 here, and 11-20 here!

So, let’s roll through the latest ten…

Day 21: The Tie/Day 22: The Cinnamon Bun

The Tie is simply a relaxed version of a man’s tie knot. You can wear it as close to or as far from the neck as you choose. Softly tied with a collared shirt makes a nice Masculine/Feminine play. Style Tip: The Cinnamon Bun works best with a cottony scarf. OOOPS! The green is what happens when you choose a silky scarf.

Day 23: The Kimono/Day 24: The Chain Weave

The Kimono is a FABULOUS way to show off a beautiful scarf pattern that otherwise finds itself hidden in the folds. I need to start wearing this one more often! Even if I can’t see the lovliness, someone else can… Style Tip: For The Chain Weave, choose a scarf that is NOT a favorite so that if it snags in the chain you can avoid heartbreak.

Day 25: The Band & Twist/Day 26: The Hourglass

As much as I love headscarves on others, this post’s versions don’t feel right on me! It may be the hair, but it’s more likely a personality thing. Maybe when we go camping? Here you see two versions of The Hourglass. With the blanket scarf was Instagram’s favorite, but The Hourglass would be great with a Pashmina style scarf, too!

Day 27: The Prep/Day 28: The Lazy Girl

Yes, I AM wearing the same sweater two days in a row… What can I say about The Prep? Meh. It slides around. It felt matronly. It would be darling on a cute-young-thing, but it’s not working for this far-past-fifty! The Lazy Girl garnered quite a few Insta comments. As in, That’s how I wear my scarves!

Day 29: The Frida/Day 30: The Knot

The Frida makes me wish for long hair… The whole idea of braiding in a scarf and tying it up feels like a party about to happen. As for The Knot, aren’t most of these ties knots? Let’s call it something more interesting. Like The Pretzel perhaps? This one totally changes its vibe depending on the kind of scarf you use to tie it, from the pashmina style scarf above to the silk square below.

Stay with me, peeps, things get risque next week…

SO How About You?

Are you sick of this project yet? (It’s okay if you are. I won’t take it personally. I certainly am!) Do you wear headscarves? If you have hair long enough to braid, I’d love to see The Frida! Please? Pretty please? PLEASE? Tag me and let me see it. (Sally, I might just be talking to you… I saw your flowing golden tresses on your blog the other day!)

Do any of these scarf ties work for you? Which have you tried? Do let me know your thoughts… I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,


  • Sally in St Paul

    The “knot” is one I’ve done in the past with oblong scarves, but I’d forgotten about it! I now want to try with a silky square. I’ve been wearing my hair in two side braids pretty often lately, so I’m game to attempt the Frida! Will let you know how it works out…


    Such clever ways to wear scarves and add the bit of pizzazz they can bring to a look. My favorites are the band in your hair. You have such a great cut. And that band is such spunky and fun!! Love the way you used a scarf woven around for the strap to your bag. And that darling hourglass?? scarf with the skirt.

    • Liz K

      Thank you, Leslie! I’m certainly learning new ways to tie my scarves… All the headscarf styles. (There’s another today!) All these hair/head scarf styles simply never occured to me! I’m not a much of a hair person. I want a great cut that I can blow dry by running my hands through it. That’s as fancy as I get.


    Liz, I’ve worn the Pashmina and the Knot with a long scarf for years!! I never thought to tie a square into a Knot( I vote for the Pretzel!). I want to try this with a square scarf!! When I was young I used to wear my scarves some in my hair as a headband to pull it back. I still have long hair but I’m not into head scarves anymore. Have a blessed day!!

  • Gail McKelvey

    I’ve been using the oblongs before it even became a “thing.” Love them for our mild TX winters. Usually the “that’s the way I wear it” one, just throw it around my neck and let it hang or as a shawl. My daughter ties up her hair “Rosie the Riveter” style. I just bought my first large square in a winter fabric and will be playing with that. I think scarves are wonderful although often I get hot so just throwing around my neck is the way to go for me. I gravitate to solid colors in my wardrobe so I can get the punch of a print with the scarves. Yours all look great but favorite is the silky “OOPS”.

    • Liz K

      Glad to make you laugh, Gail! The silky scarf just came completely from togetherness as I was taking the picture… Our Georgia heat doesn’t provide particulary scarf-y weather, either. Scarves are a great place to get color and print (or pattern). I just wish the manufacturers would stop cutting corners by combining all the colors in one scarf and make two colorways that would be more flattering. But they aren’t paying me for my professional opinion!

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