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What is Simple Style?


simpler\ˈsim-p(ə-)lər\simplest \ˈsim-p(ə-)ləst\

1free from guile innocent
2a free from vanity modest
  b free from ostentation or display–simple outfit
3of humble origin or modest position–simple farmer

“Simple.” Merriam-Webster.com. Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 25 Mar. 2018.

Welcome (back?), Dear Reader!

Sometimes a client tells me that she (or he) has a very simple style, or wants to keep their style simple. I have found that people define that word Simple VERY differently. Even Merriam-Webster has 10 different definitions; I shared only their first three!

By Simple, some people mean that their personality style is Classic. Others mean that their personality style is Natural or Relaxed. Some mean to say that everyday is jeans and a tee. Or dress slacks and a button front shirt. Or a dress daily. Frequently people define their style in the negative. They never wear a scarf. Or jewelry. Or heels. Or makeup. Or a business suit. Or carry a purse. Or in the positive, carry the same purse everywhere. Or, or, or. The opposite of simple, in the eyes of many, is fancy. (Which is another blog post completely!)

These experiences got me thinking about what Simple Style means. It can mean choosing a personal uniform, and going with that everyday. That minimizes decisions, and reduces stress. If that’s too dramatic for you, maybe creating a capsule, or limiting the number of colors in your closet may make your choices more simple. I don’t think of myself as a uniform dresser, but I have been feeling a pull towards a more simple style myself. I don’t need a whole new wardrobe for that, just a few changes to how I put together an outfit.

What is My Simple Style?

I am easily overwhelmed by many choices, so I prefer fewer clothes hanging in my closet. That has been part of my personal Simple Style definition for a long time, but this spring I find I’m paring down on accessories as well. In general, my clothing choices tend to be pretty basic, but for interest I have been a pile-on-the-accessories person. This spring has been more about a bold necklace and a ring, or a statement earring and bracelet. The “stack” has given way to my watch plus two, or even just one bracelet. More strategic than pile. It feels less cluttered, and that is something I need lately. If I am not wearing a bold earring, I still wear something. Empty holes bug me. This spring, studs and little “nothing earrings” are getting more wear than they have in many a year!  Last fall I added a lot (for me) of color to my wardrobe, moving away from wearing predominantly neutrals. I am still favoring more color, and even some patterns (The world may be coming to an end!), and wonder if that is part of my need for more simple elsewhere.

Likewise, I’ve always preferred a clean-faced makeup look. (The no makeup makeup…) Spring cleaning is also a time to clear out my cosmetics bag of the colors and products that no longer make me happy, or just don’t feel right anymore. Sometimes it’s a time to find something I forgot was there and fall in love all over again. Like with the lipstick here! Simple doesn’t mean plain. I think this spring, my everyday makeup may be defined brows and a bright lip.

Mindful Style = Effortless Style

Simple also does not mean unconsidered. For me, being mindful is a part of getting ready every day. Intentionality, if you prefer. In more than one interview I have been asked about “effortless” style. I always respond that style always requires effort. Either on the intake (shopping) side, or the outflow (dressing) side. The more selective you are with what you bring into your wardrobe, the easier it is to create a stylish look that is uniquely you. Conversely, the more you buy, the longer you will spend trying to find that look in the mornings… You have to choose where to invest your intention. I spend time planning my seasonal capsules, and my purchases. I’d rather spend my time up front, and make my daily living easier, or more simple, if you will.

The great thing about Simple Style is that you define it! What does Simple Style mean to you? Let’s start a conversation in the comments below!

Stylishly yours,

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