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7 Personality Style (Arche)Types

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How are you? And more importantly, Who are you? I hope you are well, and happy being you! Have you ever brought home (or been gifted) a clothing item or accessory that is absolutely beautiful… And yet you can’t bring yourself to wear it? It hangs there, lonely, in the closet, or lays in the drawer, unloved? Maybe you have a special place for them, similar to the Island of Misfit Toys in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer? I see those misfits all the time in the closets and drawers of new clients, and often after a quick conversation I can tell why. The piece is out of sync with their personality! It’s a miss-fit!

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Personality is the main driver of your style. As a matter of fact, style is really just your personality showing up on the outside of you! Style isn’t fashion. Style is you. Fashion is the tool used to express your style. When a gift or something you buy doesn’t make it out into the world on you (and it’s not a fit issue), I would bet money that there is a personality disconnect.

Many people are familiar with simple personality types, the kind that stores cater to: Classic or Preppy, Boho or Romantic, Trendy, or Chic. The problem is that no one is just one personality. We are complex combinations of personality characteristics, some innate, some learned. When we buy a “look” or outfit as shown in the store, it usually reflects one of the personality types. Your closet wears it because every time you put it on, it “feels wrong.” That’s because it doesn’t honor the other (often conflicting) parts of your personality.

Here’s a quick introduction to the seven different personality archetypes and a visual of each. Think of them as caricatures! Over the top versions of themselves. We will dig more deeply into each in future posts, but it’s helpful to look at them overall, before getting more personal…

Classic and Relaxed

Let’s start with the Classic. Some people think of the Classic as the Prep. This woman is all buttons buttoned, all snaps snapped. Tradition is important to Ms. Classic, she’s not nostalgic, it’s about legacy. Think good schools, careful with money, always polished. She may work in law or finance. She doesn’t have a job; she has a career.

The Relaxed woman is all about comfort. It could be that she loves the outdoors, or has a highly kinaesthetic (sensory) nature. Or both! Along with comfort, convenience is her watchword. She will be low maintenance or no maintenance. It is easy for her to neglect her appearance and come across as sloppy. Ms. Relaxed feels constricted in a suit, and is the first to kick off her heels!

Dramatic and Creative

The Dramatic woman isn’t concerned about comfort. She wants to make an impression. She prefers bold looks, not to appall, but to be seen. Think sharp and fitted silhouettes or oversized looks. There is nothing “average” about her. She’s all about extremes. Ms. Dramatic will not be ignored. She is her own weather.

The Creative woman is often mistaken for the Dramatic. The difference is in the intention! Ms/Miss/Mr (She changes titles at whim.) Creative wears what she wants and how she wants. Often in ways you never would imagine. Why not turn your cardigan upside down and wear it as trousers? She’s not in it to shock, but because she wants to express herself and play with something new. Creative may be colorful one day, and monochromatic the next. You never know what she will wear; it may not even be clothing!

Rebellious (#$%&@!)

The Rebellious personality style has two manifestations, but they both come from a you’re-not-the-boss-of-me underpinning. One is more goth or rock-chick, the other more highly sexualized. Rebel-gal may choose both, depending on the occasion and other parts of her personality. The Rebel doesn’t follow tradition; she smashes it. Corporate work isn’t her jam.

Feminine and Elegant Chic

The Feminine woman is all about softness, not because it is comfortable, but because hard lines and sharp edges are off-putting. She can come across as girlish. Tradition is important to Miss or Mrs. Feminine. Not because of legacy, but relationships. She owns and wears her godmother’s brooch. Her wedding ring was her grandmother’s. Mrs. Feminine is saving her wedding dress for her daughter. She’s likely to be in a caring profession.

The Elegant Chic woman is about soft lines as well, but there is nothing girlish about her. Her lines are sleek, her personality composed. She moves through the world like a princess. Not a spoiled princess, but one with confidence and respect for herself and others. Ms. Elegant Chic is discerning and appreciative. Many women love an Elegant Chic look, but don’t want the expense or dry cleaning bills!

Now that we’ve had a little introduction, you can see how a flowy Boho look might work for a woman whose personality is Relaxed and Feminine, but not for one who combines Feminine and Classic. And when our personality styles are in conflict? Well, that’s where digging in deep and learning about the elements of each style will come into play…

Relaxed and Feminine with a dash of Dramatic

So how about you? From the archetypes above, do you have any idea where your personality may be headed? Remember, you are likely to have one dominant personality style, but your #s two and three need to be taken into account, as well! Do you have loved yet unworn pieces in your closet? What personality style to you think they speak to? Is it yours? Do let me know in the comments below… I so love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,


  • Lise

    I look forward to more on this subject. I am predominantly Relaxed Rebel Rock Chick but often elements of the others too. Interesting!

  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    Can’t imagine that anything I own would be defined as elegant but I think that feminine and elegant with a splash of creative is my style personality. I can’t often think outside the box but sometimes I have a light bulb moment. The pieces you shared with those tags resonate most with me.

    • closetplayadmin

      Nice starting place, Leslie! As we dig into each style, you should find out more about which “pieces” of those styles speak to you… You may love the colors of one, the lines of a second, and the accessories of a third. Style is about building your own style profile from the aspects that resonate with you. And save you time and money when you shop!

  • Susan June

    I have recently lost a considerable amount of weight and when I was larger I had a terrible time trying to find clothes that matched my creative and dramatic style. I think I felt a bit self conscious making myself standout as well. However now I can easily purchase clothes both new and vintage that suit my style, I feel like myself for the first time in 20 years. Being able to dress for your style personality is a so liberating and really raises feelings of self worth. It makes me mad when people act as if an interest in style is superficial, I think it can be life changing.

    • closetplayadmin

      Thank you for reading, and for your insight, Susan! I think the excuse of not caring about style because it’s “superficial” is a really interesting topic. I talk about that with women’s groups and businesses, there is nothing superficial about it when done well! A variety of factors converge (Especially in US culture!) that make talking about image and style particularly fraught…


    I am feminie and elegantly chic with a bit of glamour. Has taken me a bit of time with myself to realize this is me in my midlife but makes shopping much easier. I find I’m dressing for myself only now!

    • Liz K

      Dressing for yourself is only possible when you do a little work to figure out who you are AND how you want to show up in the world… Congratulations! Midlife is SO freeing!

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